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2013-08-15 11:38:00 contemplative Scotland’s funny bits

I’ll try to record this cycle each week. I didn’t record the outward trip because I was running late (as ever) and didn’t have time to set up the recording.

To Cramond And back last week
Ride Time not recorded 18:01 17:43
Stopped Time not recorded 02:41 01:31
Distance not recorded 4:19 miles 4.26 miles
Average speed not recorded 13:96 mph 14.42 mph
Fastest Speed not recorded 25:26 mph 26.35 mph
Ascent not recorded 315 feet 340 feet
Descent not recorded 158 feet 248 feet
Energy Burn not recorded 979 kJ 911 kJ

I think I’ve found a maintain a better-than-utterly-rubbish speed up Cramond Road South. This morning I didn’t approach the hill at top whack (under those conditions 17mph) so I wasn’t demoralised by dashed expectations rapidly, and I could maintain a reasonable cadence all the way up. I maintained over 7mph. Given that I’ve been crawling along at 5mph at the top on previous runs, this is quite pleasing.

I’m unconvinced by the app’s ascent and descent measurements. Almost exactly the same route – certainly no difference in the streets I rode – but why the 90-foot diffference in Descent readings?


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