Morning thoughts

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2013-07-19 09:23:00

It’s 8:57. In a compartment on the 9:15 from Prague to Linz. We’re going as far as Olbramovice – just 2 stops. The seat numbers on one side are
22, 28, 24, 26. On the other side they are
21, 23, 27, 25.
Slightly perplexed. I thought we’d bought bike spaces yesterday but we were still charged 60kr (£2) to put the bikes on the train just now. We have a receipt for this so I guess we just made reservations yesterday.

With some help from Google translate, this is confirmed. We bought yesterday merely a mistenka (reservation).

Train v full. Our compartment has us, 2 older bikies, a local woman and 3 primary-aged boys.

Boiling hot outside. I wonder what the it will be like later when we’re cycling. I might have to abandon the base layer. Can the Czech republic cope with my peely-waily arms?


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