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2013-06-12 13:24:00 Dicky Trisco – Ruff Jams Audio 14

Last year I was given an iPad1. Within a month I’d lost it – I left it in a tray in an airport security check. Rather than being returned to me, it was taken off the airport, presumably by a dishonest member of the airport’s staff. Despite the best efforts of Heathrow police, it wasn’t returned. Fortunately my gadget insurance covered this loss.

But I didn’t use the money to buy a new iPad. Instead I bought a refurbished 4GB MacBook Air. I’m very happy with it because it’s small and light, pretty fast and it runs Windows7 (via BootCamp) just fine. Of course I would like more RAM (not possible – RAM is soldered to the motherboard) and storage (expensive).

However, I do occasionally feel iPadlust, expecially when gaming or using VNC on the iPhone because the iPhone’s screen is just too small. I found the iPad too big to carry and game comfortably but an iPad mini should hit the sweet spot. My other big mobile need is route-finding but for this, I’d want the device to be waterproof. I’m almost entirely happy with the Lifeproof case on my iPhone, and Elly rates highly the Lifeproof case on her iPad 3. However, until now there has been no equivalent for iPad minis.

But Lifeproof have just filled this gap, so my iPadlust has become even stronger!


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