Spinning up

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2013-05-30 15:32:00 bouncy Billy’s smart circus

After a week’s hiatus, ’twas so good to get back to spinning last night. Andy laid on a storming session, including Hell’s Bells and Shoot to thrill – serious fast-paced ‘uphill’ runs and jumps pulling out more than either Elly or I thought we had. I’d not eaten enough yesterday, and had forgotten my glucose tablets, so I flatlined with about 10 minutes to go – huge thanks to Ismini and Elly for the chocolate and energy gel.

Looking forward to other-bits training tonight, then the Sunday Sundowner, and then two back-to-back sessions on Monday!

Meanwhile here’s some photos…

training for Tour o’ the Borders (movie)
happy people 1
happy people 2
A spinner needs sustenance!
In t’pub



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