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2013-05-15 19:00:00 pleased none

The marks for the second coursework for the Management of Software Projects module have just been released.


Dear Bruce

This email gives you your marks and some individual feedback on your submitted Coursework. Thank you for the effort you put into this piece of work.

Further detailed comments and feedback on your submission can be found on TurnItIn’s Grademark. (This is an experiment – your feedback would be useful). You are of course also welcome to contact me for further individual feedback.

Kind regards


Name: Ryan, Bruce
Matric Number 40070877

INF11103 Management of Software Projects – Coursework 2 marks and feedback

Marking grid Weighting Overall Comments
As usual, a huge amount of work has clearly gone into this, but there is still some work to do in communicating it in fluent English.
Abstract, Introduction and contextual discussion 10 P5 Sets out context and content of the paper well. Be clearer about what the paper is aiming to achieve though.
Research activity, range of materials used and topic coverage. 10 D2 Excellent range of sources, though I would avoid using multiple papers from the same author if they are all saying much the same thing
Synthesis and analysis of the main issue under discussion 20 D1 Excellent – You cover a lot of ground. However sometimes there is a sense of getting lost in the details.
Discussion of topic and conclusions drawn within the wider ERP context 20 D1 Excellent insights
Presentation and readability, structure, referencing 10 P5 Good presentation though I would suggest fewer subheadings would help improve the flow of argument
Overall total D1 – Excellent
Assessment comment grid.
This work
Meets the specification given Ex Explanation
Ex – Excellent
Gd – Good
OK – OK / Satisfactory
Pr – Poor
Un – Missing / unattempted
Treats topics in depth Ex
Is evaluative/analytical rather than descriptive Ex
Justifies/illustrates its arguments well Ex
Uses an impersonal/academic writing style Ex
Is fluent, succinct and grammatical OK
Has few spelling / typing errors Ex
Is well set out in an appropriate format Ex
Organises the material appropriately OK
Uses a good range of appropriate sources Ex
Consistently applies an approved referencing system Ex

I’m well aware how turgid my English can be, even for academic writing. I think this will be with me until they nail the lid down. Unfortunately I can’t yet download the annotated piece from Moodle (Napier’s virtual learning environment), so I may well end up copying and pasting annotations into a local copy. The unannotated version is here.

So it appears I’ve passed this module. If so, I now have enough taught-module credits for the MSc. (I took an extra module this in the second term of 2011-12.) I won’t update the infographic until the module mark is released.


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