What a morning!

When Mood Music
2013-02-05 14:19:00 harassed electronica fans

Too much already today

  • feedback from many sources about this. Some positive, some helpful, some asking how we dare attack CCs. For the record, we don’t – we think they are at base good things. But they need to get where people are, and our research shows that many don’t. Phase 2 is to find good practices, and the pitfalls along the way, so that other CCs can learn and travel more smoothly. Ideally CCs would mentor each other – and my role might be to catalyse this.
  • explaining to parents why SocMed can be a good thing, despite the caveats – and a necessary thing if you are trying to reach people.
  • Issues with stuff we’ve ordered
  • Correspondence about St Andrews-Leuchars bike path
  • Stuff I’m involved with being ripped off – see final comment here
  • contributing to class discussion of software project management
  • check with two blogs whether they’ll host an article I’m writing

Other stuff to do, ideally today, includes:

  • return calls
  • contact a friend
  • sort my lecture notes
  • arrange to be able to use Edinburgh uni library
  • data analysis, then redraft a paper
  • get a friend’s HD sorted. Why the hell don’t people learn to back up properly?

Things that can wait include

  • buying running shoes
  • job application
  • order some cycling gloves
  • contact council about council tax
  • blog about other things

And I need to eat and sleep. Bah!


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