Many happy returns

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2012-11-25 17:27:00 awake The Now Show

Great to see folks in St Andrews yesterday. I chose to cycle there but stuffed up a few times:

  • In Inverkeithing, I saw a sign for Kirkcaldy. It turned out this would have taken me onto the M90.
  • I turned too soon in Kirkcaldy.
  • Seeing a sign for St Andrews, I took the A915, instead of continuing onto the A92, and hence groaned my way over Largo Law. Ah well, it was good for hill-training. I don’t think I’ll ever be Knave of the Mountains, let alone King.

jPhone ran out of juice at Lathockar, thus missing the final 7·8 miles. Cyclemeter recorded 42·24 miles in 3 hours 31 minutes (average speed 11·97 mph). I started at 10am and arrived just after 2:30. Cyclemeter recorded 28 minutes’ stopped time, so the final 7·8 miles must have taken just over 30 minutes.

Cyclemeter recorded my flit to Leuchars. Thanks to Jane Ann for warning about the bad surface. I don’t like unlit cyclepaths at the best of times, so I used the road.


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