Keeping (it) up!

When Mood Music
2012-11-21 23:15:00 optimistically drained Sleeping at the wheel – Roy Harper

or not, as the case may be. Spinning tonight was hard. I’d not slept well (you can guess why) and my legs were feeling the after-effects of pushing hard in Josh’s class last night. I got through this class, nowhere near the cadences I wanted, by gritting my teeth so hard that 3 hours later my rear molars are complaining.

I hope no-one overheard me cussing my thighs to move faster and swearing at the sensations in my hips. On the way home, Elly pulled ahead of me up Orchard Brae – I had no power to keep up with her.  jPhone ran out of charge so I didn’t log times and speeds and I’m rather glad.

Ah well, 6 months ago I’d get home after my sole weekly spinning class too drained to even stand up, let alone speak. Now I’m able to get on with stuff, even after spinning 3 nights in a row. All the same, I’m not looking forward to getting up for tomorrow’s 9am lecture.


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