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2012-11-19 23:37:00 fans in electronica

On the way to spinning tonight, I did 3·63 miles at an average speed of 15·77 mph (details here).
On the way home, I did 3·71 miles at an average speed of 10·58 mph (details here).

Apart from having spun for an hour, followed by an hour’s attempting to do yoga (I have very little flexibility and can’t take my body-weight on my sit-bones), what caused the differences?

  • It’s downhill most of the way to spinning, especially Orchard Brae.
  • I’m keen to get there on time.
  • The wind didn’t hinder most of the journey to spinning – it was in my face most of the way home.

I’d rather like to get my average speed on the way there over 20 mph and on the way back to over 15mph.

My fastest speed on the way was 24·4 mph, while on the way home I peaked at 20·4 mph. I suspect both of these peaks were achieved on steep downhill sections [Orchard Brae and Crew Road, I guess]. Unfortunately, Cycelmeter doesn’t pinpoint where these peaks are – time for a feature request, I think!

We’ll see what happens tomorrow – I’m going to spinning earlier in the evening, so the traffic may make a difference.


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