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2012-11-08 23:15:00 pleased Drugs for everybody – Roy Harper (The Dream Society)

Parts of the USA seem to have got it – enough of them voted for Mr Obama to get him back in to the White House. (Now how about Guantamano bay and the ongoing shenanigans in Afghanistan, hmmm?)

Is there a correlation between the states supporting Mr O and those supporting medical and/or recreational use of a certain herb?

Meanwhile, my CC research is getting reactions. Here’s an interesting one. To put it in some kind of context, here’s BBC report about the levels of digital competency in the UK as a whole. My take is:

  • 22% of CCs have up-to-date presences. Hence CCs are less rubbish than UK companies, by this measure.
  • 10% of CCs do interactive, but 14% of companies do e-commerce. Hence CCs are slightly more rubbish, by this measure.

I also wonder how many businesses would actually benefit from online presences? Does your nearby corner shop need one? I think not – it needs to be open when you need it (i.e. for early-morning ‘we have no breakfast’ traumae, late-night ‘I can’t be arsed to cook’ scenarios), have good, friendly service and not-too-gouging prices so you don’t drive to the 24-hour supermarket when all you want is a newspaper. But that’s just my opinion…!

It’s faintly amusing that this research into online presences was done by an anti-social not-worker, i.e. me!


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