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2012-11-03 23:28:00 pissed off Amused to death – Roger Waters

I lost three days this week to a hardware failure: Iggy’s SSD became cranky such that Iggy would freeze after 30 or 40 minutes. I spent a day proving it was the SSD and not the IcyDock 2·5″ to 3·5″ adaptor it nestles in, the drive bay that takes the adaptor or any other part of Iggy. Then I spent another day reconditioning the SSD – there’s an 8-hour/overnight process, followed by a 4-hour process, followed by updating firmware. The final day was spent reinstalling and configuring apps, then copying back data. The upshot is that Iggy feels faster, there’s at least 30GB more free space on the SSD and Iggy’s now rocking Mountain Lion.

Many votes for CarbonCopyCloner, so that I had a full, immediately bootable copy of the SSD (and hence accessible backups of all my data and keychains), and a whispered thank-you to Crucial for calmly providing reconditioning methods and being ready to replace the SSD without quibbles if the reconditioning had failed.

No thanks to my endocrine system for waking me during Wednesday and Thursday nights: I sleepwalked through my lectures on Thursday morning, actually slept through the Angus Millar lecture on Thursday evening, then couldn’t get to sleep once I’d gone to bed and so slept through my alarm on Friday morning.

No thanks too to my digestive system for some very unpleasant episodes on Friday afternoon. I’m also less than grateful for the single toilet near the Uni canteen not having any toilet paper when I desparately needed some. (I sacrificed the spare underwear that was nestling in my pannier and a ziplock bag I use for preventing shampoo and pain-cream from escaping.)

And a huge FUCK OFF to the driver who backed out of his parking space and hit me, when I’d been stationary at least 2 metres behind him long before he started his manouvre. I was wearing my very visible cycling jacket and helmet cover. Obviously this driver doesn’t know when or how to use his mirrors. Bah!


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