Midnight miles

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2012-09-02 01:04:00 bouncy

After a pleasant day and evening, I realised I’d not been on Lev for several days, let along donned the lycra. So I invited Elly to join me in a ‘midnight miles’ run (from Servants’s Quarters, along the A8 to Edinburgh Airport and back).

Here’s the usual cyclemeter map. Please note that our path goes both sides of Gogar Roundabout. Elly was under the impression that I eschew all cycle-paths on such runs. However, previously I’ve taken the right turn at the Edinburgh Marriott hotel onto Maybury Road, then jumped onto the cycle-path at Turnhouse Road and followed it anti-clockwise around this roundabout. I’ve then crossed the A8 at the RBS bridge and got back onto the A8 as soon as possible after that.

Elly wasn’t keen to risk the lumps and bumps and so suggested staying on the A8, using the underpass to stay on the shortest, fastest route. I’d not heard her – we still need to obtain some in-helmet comms devices so we ended up going around Gogar Roundabout the way a car would.


I’m incredibly proud of her being a ‘cyclo-path’ – I would never have dreamed going this way. She and Fidel are just such a match! So next time, I or we will use the underpass. There are two lanes each way and the motorised traffic is only (supposed to be) doign 40pmh there. It passes us a lot faster on other parts of the A8 and that’s usually no problem.


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