Saturday cycling

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2012-07-28 23:45:00 pleased On My Radio – Selecter

You might recall that Elly and I cycled to Stirling in April. Well today, our friends there returned the complement. Here’s their route, as far as I can recall and persuade Google Maps to display. It was basically along the NCN route 76 (with the usual missing or vandalised signs) to the Forth road bridge, then crossing the FRB, then along NCN route 1 to central Edinburgh.

I left Servants’ Quarters at 13:30, hoping to meet them north of the FRB. I wasn’t quite as fast enough – we met south of the bridge’s centre. (Here’s my travels.) So I’ve now practiced some of the route I’ll do in August. (In case you’re interested, the detailed route is:

There then followed a very pleasant afternoon involving lots of photos, caffeine, cake and sprout curry. Yeehah!


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