Tour de Forth

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2012-07-22 20:12:00 amused Murder On The Dancefloor – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

It seems vaseline is the answer! Yesterday Elly and I cycled from Glasgow to Edinburgh – 57 miles. I’ll write more about it later. There’s a few snippets for now, however:

  • I’ve replaced the lights stolen by some git in Worcester: Lev Davidovitch now has
    • on the front
    • on the rear of the pannier rack, from right to left
      • knog
      • skully
      • knog
    • on the rear of my helmet
      • micro-LED light

      (I’ve shown the colours of the lights’ plastics, not the colours they give out.) So if anyone hits me, I’ll know it was deliberate!

  • Photos from cycling in Austria are here.
  • I’ve signed up for the Tour de Forth: a fairly leisurely 70 miles. I hope to do it in 6 hours. I know Lev has the cruising speed to achieve this. He certainly wanted to run at 14 to 16 mph on Scottish cycle-paths (now there’s a joke I’ll blog about later) yesterday. Whether I have the stamina, leg-strength and vaseline supplies is another question…

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