IT woes in Worester


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2012-06-11 00:12:00

So I brought my TiBook to Worcester, thinking that the 15″ screen would be better than Hexie’s 1024 by 600 pixel tininess, even though TiBook (1Ghz G4, 768MB) is much slower than Hexie (1·6GHz Intel atom, 2GB). However, I dropped Tibook when I was about to put him into into his protective case! That and the jolting from cycling from Birmingham to Worcester has stuck his screen at minimal brightness: I can just see the vague outlines of windows but nothing usable.

TiBook has a DVI output but all the monitors here are VGA. I’ve not brought my DVI to VGA adaptor. Bah!

Meanwhile I need to retrieve something from Iggy’s time machine or Crashplan backup. I have a VNC app on the ipad but it’s being abominably slow. Oh well, good job it’s not urgent.

Update, 20 minutes later

I love TimeMachine and VNC. Despite long delays between screen refreshes, even over a supposedly fast broadband connection to the house and supposedly reasonable wifi to the iPad, I’ve got the stuff back onto Iggy’s desktop, ZIPped and emailed here.


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