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2012-05-31 11:56:00 grumpy FriComedy: The Now Show 17 Feb 2012 – BBC Radio 4

So we’ve finally got around to upgrading the kitchen:

  • There’s lots of sawing and banging from the kitchen.
  • Most of the kitchen stuff is in the spare room, so that’s unusable as a bedroom. We’re cooking on a wee electric ‘camping’ hotplate.
  • The kitchen table and new units (which arrived assembled, not flat-packed) are filling the lounge.
  • Washing up is being done in the shower.
  • Today a new dishwasher arrived, so that’s also in the lounge.
  • Also, a new fridge-freezer arrived, so that’s in the spare room too. The food that should be in it is in a cardboard box in the spare room because the new appliance can’t be used for 24 hours after delivery.

Meanwhile, I’ve set up a blog, twitter feed and Facebook page for my summer project. So I can try to be professional there and keep my personal, opinionated guff here!

Oh and tomorrow we’re off to Arran to take the last stuff from my hostess’ parents house. She’s picking up a van at 7am and then going to work, then driving to Kilmarnock so she can go on the early ferry (because there’s no space on later ferries on Saturday). I’ll help her load packing materials into the van before she goes to work, then will go to see a potential employer (part-time mac IT support), then will cycle as far west as I can be bothered with, then go by train and ferry to Arran so I’m ready to help with the clearance. (Also, it allows me to avoid having a restless night in a hotel in Kilmarnock and setting off at stupidly-early o’clock on Saturday morning for Ardrossan.)

Progress, I guess!


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