Spinning to an early grave

When Mood Music
2012-05-17 11:43:00 pissed off Hurt – Nine Inch Nails

Last night’s spinning session was one of the best I’ve experienced: possibly second only to my first ever session. Andy’s infectiously-grinning personality gave the key: the music was all inspiring but with easily-followable heavy beats. There’s a track he often plays which is a cut-up dance version of Another brick in the wall part 2. Usually I’d hate any interference with perfection but this cut-up just works.

Other tracks included an extended, beat-enhanced version of Coldplay’s Viva la vida. Somewhat cheesy, maybe, but again perfect for this situation.

The only flaw was the inclusion of Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt as a wind-down track. For me, this brings back memories of some crazy painful events in India. For my hostess, it’s associated with even worse things. Even without these personal associations, the lyrics aren’t at at all relaxing.

Despite this, both of us were positively affected by the session. I was gibbering and happy, and free of pain.

What a change this morning. I woke several times during the night from ongoing pain in my arm. By 7am, it was screamingly bad: it felt as if individual lumps of muscle in my upper left arm (just below the shoulder) were performing scallop-shaped spasms. Topical pain-killing cream provided little relief, and physiotherapist-supplied exercises (which usually help) were nigh impossible. This is a week on from a steroid injection which was supposed to unwind the inflamed rotator cuff.

The only relief was to get up and attempt to get mentally active. Resting my arm on my desk as I type helps, as does copious amounts of tea. I hate this and am scared it will interfere with future employment – if I’m mentally incapacitated by pain and tiredness what use will I be?


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