Over and out – almost!

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2012-04-24 23:43:00 satisfied Finished Symphony – Hybrid

Well, the programming coursework is over apart from the shoutingmarking. We had to demonstrate our programs this afternoon and submit reports on how our programs worked, programming style and problems encountered.

Some of my classmates hadn’t done all of the set tasks or put in in all the required features, while others had non-working programs (e.g. not saving, creatures not moving), so I’m quite pleased that I had (as far as I can tell) done all that was required, the only bug being the Ogre’s intermittent inability to count his enemies when he’s recalled from disk.

On the other hand, one of my classmates had a graphical swamp, on which you could see the ogre and his enemies actually moving. Ah well, I’m pretty sure I’ve passed. My code is here and my report is here. Oh, and the actual problem/task is here.

I’m grateful that we had to write reports: while I was writing I was able to refine my code and improve the UI a lot. (I don’t claim my UI is good, just that it works and isn’t abysmal.)

All that’s left for this term is tomorrow’s web-enabled business wrap-up/feedback lecture. Then I’m free until September. I don’t intend to slob though: my plans include
• learning more about Swing and other Java graphical tools
• beginning to learn Objective C (iOS apps!)
• beginning to learn PHP
• some literature and real-life research into e-democracy
• if possible, learning to weld so I can start on my bike trailer
• lots of cycling and spinning

I’m also helping teach cycling skills to P7 children on Friday mornings for the next 6 weeks.

Do feel free to remind me how the road to hell is paved!


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