Some more progress

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2012-04-15 22:31:00 content Repeat (Stars And Stripes) – Manic Street Preachers

I’ve got further today than I dared hope: getting the battle code roughly working was my minimum aim. It’s working OK and so I’ve been able to do more. Here’s a checklist:

The remaining tasks are

  • ensuring the ogre doesn’t start at (0,0) That took 3 extra lines, one of which was merely ‘}’
  • reducing the number of times the map is drawn Now just at the very beginning of the game (to show the solitary ogre), then once per turn, then once at the end of the game.
  • creating an interface which is completely independent of the game
  • enabling saving of the current game and later restarting it
  • writing comprehensive JUnit tests for each method (excluding the constructors) defined on the class Swamp
  • writing a report on
    • how I created the swamp
    • where and why I used polymorphic programming
    • my programming style (i.e. showing where and why you have used things like interfaces, enumerator, exceptions etc) There are none of these in the current code, although I suspect I should use an enumerator for the types of enemy.
    • how my swamp is extensible
    • any problems encountered during the coding of my game. Hence these blog entries!

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