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2012-04-11 18:40:00 content Space Shanty – Leftfield

I now have code for a grid-square class. Grid-square objects

  • know where they are
  • how many ogres, donkeys, parrots and snakes they contain (initially zero of each)
  • can increment and decrement the numbers of these creatures (and will sing out if the numbers ever become negative or if there is more than 1 ogre)
  • can report these numbers
  • can decide whether the ogre overwhelms the other creatures or vice versa (and will sing out if I try to have a battle involving zero ogres)

Now I have to construct a row as a collection of grid-squares and create methods to

  • add an ogre to a random square
  • add donkeys, parrots and snakes at random to the first square in the grid
  • move the denizens about at random
  • provoke fights between the ogre and the others in whatever grid-square he’s in.

Then I have to construct a swamp as a collection of rows and develop 2-D versions of the random-movement methods.

Poor ogre – no matter what, eventually he’s going to be brayed, squawked or venomed (or combinations thereof) out of existence.


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