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2012-03-24 13:33:00 sad, confused Keep The Dream Alive – Oasis

Today I started thinking about a replacement for Vilior. Appropriately enough, the Edinburgh Bike Co-op offering that most suits my wishes is a Revolution Country Explorer.

Why is this appropriate? Vilior is (I can’t bring myself to type ‘was’) an Edinburgh Cycle Co-op ‘Country’ made of Reynolds 770 steel tubing. ‘Revolution’ is EBC’s brand and the Country series are still made of Reynolds tubing.

So today I removed Vilior’s front pannier rack so that the bike co-op could fit it to whatever I buy. I’ve never used it – the purchase of front panniers has always been put off by more immediate needs. However I just couldn’t bring myself to remove lights, iPhone carrier etc yet. Not without a last photo…

Meanwhile’s here’s why I’m about to spend over £600. Vilior cost £50!

Feature Why
Touring bike
  • Will be stronger than a pure road bike.
  • Will come with full mudguards and rear rack.
  • I’m not a speed-queen, so a roadbike would be inappropriate!
  • I tend to carry loads. Rucsacs are the stupid way to do this. Hence I need at least one pannier rack.
Drop handlebars
  • I’m used to it.
  • More streamlined body position
  • Usually cycle with bent elbows – easier to to make fine course corrections.
  • Arms not outstretched – less chance of overbalancing.
Disc brakes
  • They work!
  • They don’t get affected by road-dirt.
  • They don’t wear out wheel-rims.
Cable-operated disk brakes Easier to maintain
Pedals with toe-clips
  • Linking foot and pedal increases efficiency by keeping the foot in the right place.
  • It also allows some pull, not just push.
  • I’m not yet ready for full attachment, especially while I’m learning to use handlebar-mounted gear/brake levers. (Vilior’s were on the down-tube.)



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