Out of it

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2011-07-28 23:27:00 contemplative There’s No Way Out of Here – David Gilmour

As of 5pm this evening, I ceased working for NewsCorp. Tomorrow will be my last NewsCorp payday. I’ve been a Murdoch minion since early 2010, when Leckie & Leckie was bought by HarperCollins.

I’ve left mostly because I’m sick of commuting and hence often not getting home until 8pm – I will miss being involved in educational publishing and, had Leckie remained in Edinburgh, I imagine I’d still be there.

So what next? A month of sorting things at Servants’ Quarters and on Arran, then this. So I will end up with an actual qualification in IT rather than just being a dilettante.


Good luck with it! My conversion course was a good thing for me.

Well done! And well done for escaping the declining Evil Empire!


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