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2011-05-07 23:50:00 bouncy Brand New Cadillac – The Clash

Only an hour to go before the restricted diet ends – and what have we learnt?

In no particular order

  • It’s much to write blog entries using a real client (Xjournal) rather than the basic web interface.
  • The Clash’s London Calling is brilliant accompaniment for kneading chapatti dough and then rolling out chapattis – in fact, to me, it’s brilliant full stop. The Fall’s Dragnet isn’t.
  • We’ve had plenty to eat, most of which has been ok. I can’t say I’m fond of porridge made with water – and my hostess doesn’t like porridge anyway – but the various lentil concoctions (caramelised onions and garlic, red lentils and stock) with rice and chapattis have been very enjoyable and filling.
  • My hostess has most missed tea and coffee. I’ve missed tea and the 20 or so tins of Irn Bru or Dr Pepper I’d drink in a normal week. (We both thought that hot water was better than black tea. I usually loathe coffee – the mere thought of it can make me feel sick.)
  • Our final food bill was
    Item Amount Cost proportion used
    Tesco Scottish porridge oats 1 kg £0·99 about half
    Tesco Value long grain rice 1 kg £0·49 all
    Tesco Value penne 1 * 500 g £0·09 only 1 of the 2 bags we bought
    Tesco value veg stock cubes 2 packs of 10 cubes £0·20 only 2 of the 5 packs we bought
    Tesco market value brown onions 2 kg £1·18 19 of the 22 onions in the bag
    Indus red split lentils 2 kg £2·69 around 1·75 kg
    Tesco plain white flour 1·5 kg £0·52 around 0·9 kg
    Tesco swede 600 g £0·70 all
    Tesco market value carrots 600 g £0·76 500 g
    Tesco pure vegetable oil 225 ml (remnant of a 1 litre bottle) £0·32 (22·5% of £1·44) about 50 ml
    apples, oranges, garlic varying amounts £1·39 all
    salt a few pinches £0·10 all but a few grains thrown over our left shoulders
    Total £9·43
  • It takes ages to knead chapatti and aeons to roll them all out. Fortunately, the kneading can be done while onions are caramelising – they only need stirring occasionally. (In general cooking from scratch takes longer than I’d normally have in an evening. How did our parents do it while working full-time too? I begin to understand why convenient foods cost so much, even though they’re churned out by mostly production lines.)
  • There’s lot’s more washing up too!
  • I don’t have the knack of rolling chapattis out round. How is it done?
  • I wish I’d lived like this as a student – my overdrafts would have been much smaller (or maybe I’d have spend the same amount on other enjoyments!)
  • We’ve not suffered physically apart from me having some headaches which could easily be due to early mornings and commuting – and not wearing the right glasses on Tuesday. In fact today we’ve done an amount of heavy lifting – humping a new-ish dishwasher AARRGGHH!! and freezer into the flat.
  • My hostess likes driving white vans!

13 minutes to go – I can hear the Irn Bru in the larder calling.


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