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2010-05-17 22:54:00 vaguely accomplished You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive

After cooking lots of curry and successfully feeding it to people on Saturday, my hostess and I found we had increased our larder’s entropy to the point of danger. So we bought a large amount of plastic tubs and created labelled order-paradise.

Following this order-thon, I was impatient to get out. I planned to follow cycle-route 1 to Dalmeny and then take the train back to Haymarket. Oops!

  1. At Cramond Brig, I missed the sign for CR1 and so followed a sign for CR1/CR76 which took me into the Dalmeny estate. When I got to what I think is Dalmeny House, I found absolutely no trace of signs and, thinking I must has stumbled onto private land, I tried to retrace my path. I think I then got to Home Farm, before a local told me how to get to Queensferry Shore Walk – which involved several steep skittery gravel-tracks until I got to the golf-course to the east of Dalmeny House, where I’d been about 30 minutes previously! I reached South Queensferry and then Dalmeny station without further incident apart from being rained on.
  2. At Dalmeny station I waited for the 19:37 train back to Haymarket. 19:37 came and went – no train. A help-point/train enquiries speakerbot beckoned. It informed me that essential engineering work had necessitated replacing this afternoon’s trains with bus services, and that it was unlikely that Vilior would be taken by bike. Fortunately, I’d spotted the actual CR1 as I approached Dalmeny station. The return 10 miles took me just over 45 minutes, so I can claim a sustained speed of 12 mph, which is fairly satisfying considering the previous parts of the journey through lots of hills on poor and occasionally treacherous surfaces.

The rest of the photos are here.


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