Faster? Er, no – but I don’t care!

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2010-04-05 18:34:00 satisfied

Some time after mid-day today, I started cycling south from Corrie. Not long after 2pm I reached Blackwaterfoot. I had lunch in, er can’t remember – but I’ll post a photo of the establishment as and when. I left Blackwaterfoot around 3pm, reached the coast-road about 4:20 and arrived at Corrie 20 minutes later.

So my coast-road to Corrie statistics would be about 5 miles in 20 minutes: about 15 mph.

Even allowing an hour’s stop at lunch, the overall 28-mile route took something under 4 hours. That averages, say, 7mph. If you discount the coast-road to Corrie run, I took 3:40 for 23 miles – just over 6 mph.

But I don’t care about this apparent slowness because there’s a bloody great hill in the middle of Arran and I cycled up and down it twice.


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