His paranoia is better than my paranoia!

When Mood Music
2007-12-11 19:08:00 rejuvenated King Of The Funky Zulus – Moody Boys

So I emailed a friend the following:

Just received spam offering military green lasers. You, I’m sure, want one!

He replied:

It would complete the set…

Get me 500 and aim them at the moon.

Together we may yet defeat the threat from the moon-people.

I say ‘people’ but they hardly deserve to be called that, the alien scum.

Many thanks for this most important information. Without your help (and the lasers) we will assuredly be living under the yoke of those oppressive lunar fiends by the end of next year. Mark my words.

Oh sanity, where is thy sting?

BTW, my brother is home from Iraq. He shouldn’t have to go on active service for another two years.


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