Curiouser and curiouser

When Mood Music
2006-12-09 00:41:00

After spending a fair proportion of the day tweaking Random Bozo’s travelogue (putting up scans of relevant maps and the beautiful wedding invitations he received), I’m rather upset to have found some technical issues.

I find that the file for the 28th of June can’t be uploaded and that the files for 29th June to 2nd July are misbehaving. Local copies render just fine and dandy but, when uploaded to my webspace, the descriptions of these days and these pages’ footers don’t appear.

I tried uploading the files into an alternative webspace: the file of the 28th still refuses to to upload and the rendering problems with the other days recurs. So it’s something I’ve done wrong here, rather than my main webhost misbehaving.

I’ll copy the content into fresh copies of the template and see if these behave. Meanwhile, I’m very relieved that only 5 days’ files are misbehaving but I’m a little sad that it’s not all going to plan and that you are currently denied the chance of seeing Random Bozo’s misadventures on these days.


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