Sadness and Travelogue update

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2006-11-30 00:09:00

I had a job interview today. At the end of the interview, I was told that the potential employers would inform the successful candidate by phone this afternoon and write to the rest of us. They haven’t phoned and so I’ve not been very happy this evening.

As I type this, my beloved Pismo is also uploading my Indian travelogue up to the end of May. This is when I first arrived in Nedumkandam, the small village in Kerala where I spent over two months with an Indian family. Seeing these photos has added to the lump in my throat.

However, I received an email from Ajeesh on Friday. He seems fine and tells me that his and his friends’ social programmes are carrying on. The latest is Kurutholakalari and this event is to bring together 1000 students and 200 elders to pass on cultural knowledge. (kurutola means ‘the tender leaf of the coconut tree and kalari means ‘teaching place’.)

Doesn’t that just make you want to grab your lunghi or saree and head to Kerala?


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