Speed demons and acid queens

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2006-10-18 00:06:00 contemplative

Two pleasant things happened today.

The first was meeting up with an ex-girlfriend’s son. I’ve known him since he was 4: he’s now pushing 20. I think that should make me feel old but it doesn’t. Anyway, we spent some time playing a biking game on one of his consoles before he took me for a spin on the back of his 500cc bike.

This was the first time I’ve travelled at over 100 mph on two wheels and possibly the first time I’ve travelled at over 100mph on any form of wheeled vehicle. 70mph was fine, so long as the acceleration to that speed was gentle. Above 80 mph, the wind (possibly the slipstream from his helmet) attempted to take my helmet from my head. Because of the chinstrap, this can’t happen, so the wind/slipstream effectively tried to blow me off the back of the bike.

Above 80mph I shut my eyes and tried not to scream.

The second was getting in mp3 format four Roy Harper records I previously only had on vinyl. The vinyl is in my parent’s loft and I obtained Roy’s permission to record them to mp3 to put on an iPod to take to India. I didn’t do this, partly because I didn’t want to take another piece of technology and alienate my hosts even more, partly because I was afraid of it getting stolen, partly because I ran out of time to install and trouble-shoot the kit and software I’d need to do the recording and partly because I found better things to do with the money I’d have spent on the iPod. Since the mp3s came from a BitTorrent source and so are well dodgy, what amount of royalty do you think I owe Mr Harper and his record company?

Whatever, it’s beyond comparison to revisit a host of other songs and poems that informed and entertained me in my twenties. Goose-pimples are forming and deforming as the beauty of ‘Commune’ surrounds me.

These pleasant things tend to balance the PFO letters I received today.

CommuneRoy Harper


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