Tuk Tuk temporising

When Mood Music
2006-08-21 20:21:00

Just now my lunghi and I are in Merlyn guesthouse-cum-restaurant on Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba (Samosir’s not quite an island but Indonesians call it Pulau Samosir so who am I to argue?) I have a cute-looking bungalow with ensuite mandi and slightly patchy hot water. The restaurant/bar is big but currently deserted apart from me, the staff and some up-beat but relaxing Latin guitar music. The place is briefly mentioned here.

Plans include hiring a bike and/or a canoe and having a trundle or paddle around the island’s coast for as much as I want, swimming in the lake and generally making the most of my last few days away. All very touristy but I know I don’t have a chance to even begin to get into local life in Indonesia this time. Maybe next time?

OK, some fried bananas are calling me. Time to munch them before they get bored and walk away!


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