Running around

When Mood Music
2006-07-31 13:44:00

Briefest of highlights
* Visited and said good-bye to Suriay and family in Colva
* Plagued by bowel problems for 48 hours.
* Now aware of guts but not afraid of them.
* nice person has made a cool bag for posting things home
* in a ruddy blush!

What’s next?
Train to Mumbai overnight tonight.
Train to Kolkata over tomorrow night
Flight to Singapore over next night
Run around Singapore airport to get a flight to Pekanbaru in SUmatra

25th August
Fly from Medan or Pekanbaru to SIngapore and thence to Kolkata

27th AUgust
Fly for Kolkata to Mumbai and thence to London

28th AUgust
depong and debrief


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