madurai meandering

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2006-07-23 08:39:00

If you’re going to visit India and if you are going to visit only one temple, then it MUST the Meenakshi temple here in Madurai. Words can’t do it justice. Nor can my photos. Postcards just about do so.


Mr Balakrishnan, security guard at the State Bank of India ATM!
The west gopura
Detail of the north gopura
More details of north gopura
Elephant rock in the far distance
north gopura at night

BTW, I’m staying in room 408 of the Hotel International, 46/80 West Perumel Maistry Street, Madurai 625001 (phone 0452 5377464). Rs 200 per night for a non-a/c (i.e. with a fan) single room, clean squat toilet and shower and the cleanest bedsheet I’ve seen in a hotel in India. It seems almost a shame to sleep in it and get it dirty.

Groan of the day was caused my my camera battery charger falling out of a wall-socket and smashing on the floor. I’ve, er, invested Rs800 in another one and Rs50 in an extension cable so I can protect the Rs800 investment. Bah!


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