Nedumkandam nurdlings

When Mood Music
2006-06-05 16:21:00

Still here, having some of the strangest times in my life.

Just been to the fourth wedding in 3-and-a-bit months. My host is a weel-kent man in this area and seems to be friends with everyone. It’s hard to know what to say about this state. I was speaking with my host and his friends over a drink yesterday (at a gathering like that of the usual suspects in the Cellar Bar on Saturday afternoons). This man said ‘Real India is starvation’. There’s a lot to bear this out. Yet in Kerala at least there’s an optimism that it might get better. I hope so, and, so long as Ajeesh and his mates and people like them are around, it WILL.

OK, enough ramblings. I’ll try to write something a bit less turgid some other time.


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