the long way around

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2005-09-10 23:34:00

The task: to install Mac OS 8·1 from an installer CD on a powerbook 2300c which has no functional OS on its hard disk.
The equipment: powerbook 520, powerbook 2300c, powerbook G3 Pismo, external SCSI 1x CD-ROM drive
The issues:

  • I don’t have installer floppies for the 2300c.
  • The installer floppies for the 520 (OS 7·5) are too early for the 2300c.
  • The CD drive doesn’t have a mac boot ROM and so cannot be used as a startup device.
  • The 2300c refuses to start up as an external SCSI disk on the Pismo.
  • I don’t have the physical means to connect the 520’s and 2300c’s SCSI ports.

The workaround:

  1. Attach the CD drive to the 520, then mount Norton Utilities V3·5 CD.
  2. Expand the Norton Speed Disk image from this CD onto a floppy.
  3. Dump the Speed Disk application from the floppy.
  4. Copy the Finder from the Norton Utilities CD’s system folder.
  5. Create a system folder on the floppy.
  6. Put the rest of the files on the floppy into it.
  7. Create an Extensions folder within the floppy’s system folder.
  8. Because I don’t have both extensions for the CD drive on the 520 (so I’m not sure why the drive currently works with the 520 just now) but I do have them on my “mac stuff” folder on the Pismo, email them to myself. (OK, I could have connected the 520 and the Pismo by ethernet but my router/hub is in my lounge and the laptops were in my bedroom. I didn’t have another long ethenet cable and I couldn’t be arsed carrying either of them around and guddling with short cables. Nor could I be arsed with getting file-sharing going on the 520.)
  9. Set up the 520 to receive email via ethernet and receive the CD extensions.
  10. Copy the CD extensions to the Extensions on the floppy.
  11. Shut down the 520 and detatch the CD drive.
  12. Attach the CD drive to the 2300c.
  13. Start up the 2300c from the floppy I’ve created.
  14. Mount the OS 8·1 CD and start the install rigmarole…

update: the OS installation took a further 2 hours

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