The great plan goes to shit again

When Mood Music
2004-09-25 00:51:00 tearful Roy Harper ‘Hor d’Oevres’ from ‘Stormcock’

pub was too noisy to even attempt a serious conversation. No mention of presents. Jane Ann won’t be at pub lunch tomorrow and I don’t feel like telling them individually. Tried to invite P&J back here but Pete too knackered and I didn’t want to beg. So do I tell them after Gavin, Lisa et al or do I just not bother with the pub tomorrow lunch? I want to clean and tidy here but not have a timetable. (e.g. must wake at X, at 2 pm must go to pub, at 4pm must meet Adriani, must get home from them in time to see Celia) Need to unwind else I’ll never make it through next week and god I need to survive until payday so I can afford to go away somewhere and cry.


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